Tiny Voices Speech Pathology - Our Services

We offer:

  • Assessment & treatment of speech and language concerns
  • Home based appointments
  • Clinic based appointments
  • School and daycare visits
  • School consultation
  • Language Development Centre (LDC) applications

As parents, you play a crucial role in your child’s development. At Tiny Voices, you are part of the therapy too. Our best outcomes are achieved if parents are actively involved in their child’s therapy. Wherever possible we encourage you to be a big part of our sessions, so get ready to play games, sing songs and laugh!

  • Assessment: Assessment sessions take about 60-90 minutes and are tailored to your child and your concerns. This includes discussion with you and completion of tasks with your child. At the end of the session we chat through the results and decide upon a course of action with you. Initial strategies to help your child at home will be shown to you.
  • Therapy: Therapy sessions are either 30 or 45 minutes long. This includes direct therapy, feedback and strategies to implement into daily activities. We encourage you to participate in therapy sessions whenever possible. Parents are taught skills and strategies to assist their child at home. This means that our therapy can be as functional as possible which reduces the number of sessions required and the associated cost.
  • Home and school based appointments: We see children for assessment and therapy sessions in their home, school or in our clinic. Home visits can be great for children who work best within the familiarity of their own home or for families who find attendance difficult (saves loading all the kids in the car!).
  • Language Development Centre (LDC) applications: We complete LDC applications where needed. Contact us to discuss further. 

Please contact us for further information about the services we offer.

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